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Asbestos Testing Dallas

Asbestos Testing Dallas

Asbestos Testing Dallas| Test Before Renovation or Demolition
The importance of having your premises, either residential, commercial, or industrial, tested for asbestos can’t be overstated. Asbestos testing is required by Texas law before you renovate or demolish public or commercial properties. Homes are exempt from this law unless the renovations are for commercial purposes. However, if your house or building was built before 1980, it’s almost a given that there will be some asbestos-containing materials there. Even as recent as the early 1990s (15-20 years ago), drywall mud commonly contained hazardous levels of asbestos.

Asbestos is a natural mineral found in the earth. It is incredibly strong and durable. Before all the health hazards became known to the public, asbestos was a preferred material by builders in all sorts of products. Aside from drywall mud compound, asbestos is commonly found in flooring, attics, walls, and more. Let’s consider some of the places asbestos can be found.

Ceillings- Ceilings with sprayed-on texturing commonly contain asbestos.

Drywall Mud or Compound- Drywall mud is a finishing coat applied to the edges of walls, nail and screw holes, and seems prior to the drywall being painted.

Flooring Materials- Vinyl, tile, and other floor types are common places containing asbestos. Older premises may contain several layers of flooring.

Fireplaces- Fireplaces often have asbestos-containing boards or pads at the base or the rear of the fireplaces.

Heaters and Boilers- Buildings that used older heaters and boilers may be insulated with asbestos materials. 

Seems and Metal Ducting- These are often wrapped with asbestos-containing tape. Metal duct piping is often wrapped in asbestos-containing insulation.

Cement or Mastic Sealant- Cement or mastic is used to seal pipes where the pipes go through the wall and often contain asbestos.

Walls- Walls/Transite in furnace rooms often contain asbestos. These are very common and highlight the need for Asbestos testing in Dallas.

Attic Insulation- Attic insulation quite often will contain asbestos. Older buildings may have more than one layer of insulation. Asbestos is most common in vermiculite insulation.

Outside Products- Outdoor products often contain asbestos materials as well. Though overlooked, siding, asphalt roofing paper, and asphalt shingles often contain asbestos.

Concrete Block Walls- These are hollow and are often insulated with the same vermiculite-like material found in attics.

Precision Environmental Services| Expert Asbestos Testing-Dallas/Fort Worth

Whether you’re buying a home or a building, renovating, or demolishing one, you should always put safety first. Our qualified and highly-trained asbestos inspectors strictly adhere to all safety and environmental regulations, conducting their inspections promptly and professionally at all times. You should never try to find, handle, or remove asbestos on your own. If drilled, sawed, or otherwise disturbed, asbestos particles can quickly be released into the air. Breathing in asbestos fibers will lead to permanent and irreversible damage to your health.

Besides, identifying asbestos isn’t as easy as one might think. Often, two identical materials will test negative and positive for asbestos. Having your premises tested for asbestos is the most important thing you can do. This is especially true if the premises are in poor condition. Contact us for asbestos testing. Dallas is a great place to live. Together, we can make it a little bit greater.

Asbestos Testing Dallas
Precision Environmental Services
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